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As letras e as músicas do Bon Jovi sempre falam tão bem de mim... me peguei ouvindo Happy Now (que já postei aqui, antes) e percebi que esse é o meu hino agora! Uma música perfeita em todos os seus versos. Tudo que sou e quero agora.
What would you say to me

If I told you I had a dream
If I told you everything
Would you tell me to go back to sleep?
Take a look in these tired eyes
They're coming back to life
I know I can change, got hope in my veins
I'm telling you I ain't going back to the pain.

Can I be happy now?
Can I let my breath out
Let me believe
I'm building a dream
Don't try to drag me down
I just wanna scream out loud
Can I be happy now?
Went down on my knees
I learned how to bleed
I'm turning my world around

Can I be happy now
Can I break free somehow
I just wanna live again
Love again
Take my pride up off of the ground

I'm ready to pick a fight
Crawl out of the dark to shine a light
I ain't throwing stones, got sins of my own
Ain't everybody just trying to find their way home

You're born and you die, and it's gone in a minute
I ain't looking back, 'cause I don't wanna miss it
You better live now
Cause no one's gonna get out alive

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